The “Español Total” programme is the most complete way to learn Spanish in summer. Español Total will not only push your Spanish usage to the max but also provide that vital cultural exposure and lets not forget also that it is just so much fun! So what makes it so amazing?

  • Firstly: the intensive 20 hour Spanish Classes which have part of the class specifically focused on the language you WILL use outside of the classroom.
  • Secondly: there is a cultural activity each and everyday, not only giving you more hours of Spanish exposure but also the context to use it in.
  • Thirdly: if you are lucky enough to stay in our residence, you will share it with Spanish speaking staff, meaning in all your daily activities you’ll be speaking Spanish.
  • Fourthly: we don’t just do cultural activities we do trips too so you will be seeing someone the most beautiful spots in Cadiz making you inspired to use your Spanish.

And don’t forget what makes things extra cool is if you are a Family or an A-Level Student you could do these add on programmes as well. What more could you ask for?