SAVE 200€ — Español Total + Residence

Come with a friend and save an amazing 200€ off your Español Total Programme this summer.

What are your plans for the summer holidays this year? How about going to Spain to study Spanish and making a language learning holiday out of it? You’ll come away one giant step closer to fluency, and you’ll still have time for plenty of sunbathing as well.

El Puerto de Santa Maria is a little known gem of a town in southern Spain, and it’s at its best during the summer months. A popular holiday destination for Spaniards, it’s the perfect place for learning the language, as almost no one speaks English and there are endless opportunities to practise!


Special Offer SAVE 200€ on double booking, 100€ on single.
Dates 1. 28.07-10.08.19 / 2. 11.08-24.08.19
Price (until end 2018)*

1198€ 998€ (499 p/p) when coming as pair.

669€ 569€ when coming on own.


And as well as sunbathing, here are some ideas for your afternoons, evenings and weekends:

  • Spend the day in the nearby town Cádiz
  • Hire a bicycle for the day and get some exercise
  • Go out for drinks, tapas or ice creams
  • Take a stroll down to Puerto Sherry
  • Go on a tour round the Plaza de Toros, the enormous bull ring just round the corner
  • Visit the market along the waterfront to buy souvenirs
  • Go and watch a film in Spanish at the Baría Mar

So what are you waiting for? Book your Spanish adventure now!

Copy of Summer Courses (1)

* Price is ensuite room for shared and single shared bathroom. Upgrades possible to ensuite or premium.

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