Cádiz Province

Discover the South of Spain



El Puerto de Santa Maria is ideally located not just for learning Spanish but also for all sorts of great day or weekend trips. Being a relatively small city, it allows for an easier getaway by train, bus, car or even by bike. Watch the video and get a grasp of the Cádiz area and the many things that await you here when you study Spanish at Spark!



El Puerto is situated right across the bay from the historic city of Cádiz, and there is a regular ferry. Once there, you can stroll along the beautiful beach promenades or explore the bustling bohemian centre. Climb the tower at the Cathedral, for perfect view across the city. Cádiz is perfect for a daytrip, but also for a night out if you are prepared to get the first morning train back at 7 am!

Los pueblos blancos

These many idyllic white villages are unique to this area of Andalusia. Influenced by Moorish culture, they have both an Arabic feel and an unmistakable Andalusian presence. These include Arcos de la Frontera, which boasts stunning panoramic views over the surrounding landscape; and Ronda where Ernest Hemingway wrote many of his novels, and which has a famous Roman bridge . Our personal favourites are El Bosque and Grazalema in the nearby Sierra de Grazalema which are great places for hiking, rock-climbing, cycling or just spending a day or weekend with friends and exploring the beautiful surroundings.






The gorgeous capital of Andalusia is only 1 hour and 15 minutes by train from El Puerto, perfect for a day or weekend trip. Explore the beautiful city centre and take in its magnificent sights, such as the magnificent Cathedral and Giralda once was the highest minaret in the world), and the gardens of the Alcazar (the old royal palace), or visit  the beautiful neighbourhood Triana.


One of the three cities in Andalusia that make sherry and flamenco, Jerez has a beautiful city centre and a relaxing atmosphere, and is only 15 minutes from El Puerto  by train! Jerez is also Spain’s most famous city for horse riding and is home to the Real Escuela del Arte Ecuestre where shows with dancing horses are a big hit with tourists from all over the world.

Other must-see destinations

  • Córdoba wears its Arabic influence proudly in the architecture of its world-famous and beautiful Mezquita (mosque-cathedral).
  • Granada is a fabulous place to chill out in the Alameda, visit one of the Arabic baths, or browse in one of the many Moroccan shops over a long weekend.
  • Sierra Nevada (with the tallest mountain in mainland Spain) offers great skiing opportunities for up to 6 months a year.
  • The Rock of Gibraltar is famous for its dual language society, monkeys, views and incredible history, meaning it should definitely be on your “to do” list.
  • Morrocco can be visited by ferry to the African coast from Tarifa or Algeciras, so you can spend your weekend amidst all the beautiful colours, smells and food! Day trips to Tangier from Tarifa are also possible and worth it if you don’t have time to spend longer.

At Spark we also organise cultural events to these beautiful cities, where you will experience Spanish culture and lifestyle too. Studying Spanish at Spark is not only learning a language, it is also learning a whole culture!



Beautiful Cádiz Town Centre

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