Classes at Spark

Intensive classes for rapid learning / topics connected to real Spanish you use outside the classroom / dynamic friendly native teachers

The 20 hours of classes included in Español Total allow the student to practise all the different areas of the Spanish language in a way that ensures a rapid development of their communicative and language abilities. This includes speaking and listening activities, classroom discussions and presentations, written exercises, and role plays. We believe that learning a language is about much more than grammar rules and drilling vocabulary, and should always be interactive and stimulating. We strive to put language into context and give you sufficient opportunities to practise it in real situation via engaging activities and challenges in class. Read more about our methodology here.


Key info

  • 20 hours of full immersion Spanish classes every week
  • Experienced native Spanish teachers
  • Studying hours of 09.30-13.30 daily (11.15-11.30 break)
  • Average of 4-6 students per class, maximum 9
  • Minimum age of 16
  • Available for all levels, from absolute beginners (A1) to proficiency (C2)
  • Books and all material included in the Español Total price
  • Classes prepare you for languages to use in the cultural activities and outside the classroom in general.
  • Min. one of the Spanish teachers stays in the Sparkville residence.

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