Cultural Activities

Context to practice language learning in class / city trips /cultural experiences / fantastic fun + bonding


Español Total includes our action-packed activity programme, an opportunity to meet new people, and practise your Spanish outside of the classroom, explore El Puerto, visit the Cádiz province and experience real Spanish cultural activities. You will be blown away by the spectacular towns and cities, the rich Andalusian culture, its cuisine and its wonderful people.



Cultural activities can include

  • Going out for tapas, sherry or wine tasting
  • Cooking classes
  • Flamenco and Horse-riding shows
  • Exploring our amazing El Puerto de Santa Maria and all its hidden gems
  • Visiting beautiful beaches
  • Day trips to beautiful cities or little villages in the Cádiz province
  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Spanish breakfast
  • “Solo Español” speaking activities in cultural contexts
  • And much more!


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Key information about Español en Acción programme

This innovative programme teaches students Spanish language to use in a cultural event, then sets challenges that must be achieved during that event. Our friendly rule of Spanish only means the amount of Spanish used is incredible!

Besides practising your Spanish language skills, the cultural events enable you to discover Spain. We will show you parts of the Cádiz province that you never knew existed, and you can discover this beautiful part of Spain that is almost only known by Spanish tourists. In these unique places, we have found fabulous restaurants and spots to enjoy spectacular Andalusian sunsets, experience the amazing culture and much more.

The cultural events are coordinated by Spark staff members or an intern from our Work & Study program. They are in charge of organising and leading these activities, during which they will also encourage you to speak as much Spanish as possible. The Cultural Events Programme is organised for all our students with enthusiasm and eye for detail. The activities take place after class or occasionally at the weekend, and so do not clash with studying hours.



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