Day Camp

Day Camp for Kids / Dynamic Spanish Classes / Sports and Activities / Fantastic Location

As part of our Español Total Family programme, kids take part in our fantastic Day Camp, which includes intensive Spanish classes, sports and activities, and weekly beach trips, all in sunny Andalucía. Choose between Half Day and Full Day Camp options.

Key information

  • Half Day Camp includes supervision and games before classes of 3-4 hours, and supervision and games after. The classes are interactive and dynamic and involve activities done outside the class as well as in it.
  • Full Day Camp* includes class, lunch and snack, arts and crafts or projects and sports/activities.
  • Day Camp is open to everyone between 6 and 17


Sample timetable*1


  • 09.15: Arrival
  • 09.15-09.30: Games +Fun in Gym.
  • 09.30-13.30: Classes (apx 15-20 min break around 11.30).
  • 13.30-13.45: Pick up period for Half Day. Games whilst waiting.


  • 13.30-14.15: Lunch (for full day campers only)
  • 14.15-14.45: Chill out and games in gym.
  • 14.45-16.00: Arts and Crafts (6-12) or Sports Competitions (13-17)
  • 16.00-20.00: Sports Activities usually in 3 blocks of sport, i.e. uni-hockey then football then basketball. Also on one or two days a week the children go to the beach and do beach activities. Optional add of watersports +95 per week.
  • 20.00-20.15: Pick up period. Supervision in gym.


*1 times are apx are open to some small degree of change.

Also on arrival Sunday there is half day programme of welcome activities and on departure Saturday there is small departure show done to parents. Attendance on both is optional but recommended. Refer to circular for specific times.


2 week period: 28 July — 10 August or 11 August — 24 August

4 week period: 28 July —  24 August

375€ Half Day / 695€ Full Day per 2 weeks

725€ Half Day / 1290€ Full Day per 4 weeks

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