Español Total Methodology

Fresh approach to learning Spanish / learn real language to during activities/ life in Spanish speaking residence /



At Spark, we care deeply about making sure our students learn the maximum with us whilst also having a great time. We have adapted our unique “Español Total Methodology” to make the most of the unique learning environment present in Spark and El Puerto de Santa Maria. At the core of Español Total are the classes which have been planned out to teach real language that will be used on the cultural activities and outside the class environment. Our classes provide a safe and comfortable interactive environment in which to learn the language; and both cultural activities and our Sparkville residence allow as much practice of the language learned as possible. We also have a weekly “Spanish only” cultural activity to maximise the language learned and used.


Key information

  • Classes adapted to teach language that will be used during the cultural activities.
  • One Spanish teacher stays in the residence to encourage as much use of Spanish as possible.
  • Cultural Activities designed to push usage of language. Especially our flagship “Solo Español weekly” events.
  • Learning booklets in place to encourage as much use of language as possible.

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Español Total Students

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