Spanish Homestay

Learn Spanish and Live Spanish



Stay with a local Spanish host during your Spanish course at Spark. Open to all students, this option allows you to practise your Spanish skills every day with the person or family you stay with. We are in contact with many locals with experience of hosting students of all different ages. Hosts live close to Spark and are matched to suit the student’s needs. Choose between three different options — the Half-Board, Full-Board or Complete Homestay.




What’s included?

  • Breakfast and dinner (plus lunch with Full-Board and Complete Homestay)
  • Central location 10 minutes from the beach
  • Opportunity to practise Spanish at home in informal situations
  • Own bedroom and shared bathroom facilities


235€ per week

Homestay Half-board — own room and breakfast and dinner included.

265€ per week

Homestay Full-board — own room and breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

310€ per week

Complete Homestay — more activities and greater level of supervision.

Students at Spark Homestay

Homestay students on Español Total

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Stay With Friendly Local Families


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