Spark Staff

Team of passionate educators / native teachers / cultural activity responsible / Trip coordinator sleeps in residence

Spark is made up of a passionate team of educators who are dedicated to making your experience memorable whilst pushing your usage of Spanish. What makes the Spark team special is how they link roles, for example your Spanish teacher will also run the cultural activity and also one sleeps in the Spark residence. This set up means that students feel part of a Spanish learning family, sharing micro moments, like Spanish chat over breakfast or cooking a tortilla together for dinner, that just are not possible in other settings. The energy, enthusiasm and cariño (caring nature) of the staff will mean you will never feel alone and will not just see the staff as teachers but also as friends.


Key Features

  • All teachers are fully qualified natives
  • One teacher is also the trip organizer, running cultural activities, doing pick ups and staying in Sparkville residence and sharing in micro moments with you
  • The owners of Spark are past students and past teachers meaning they understand both parts of a language school
  • Spark staff strive to create a family feeling making it an inclusive experience for all
  • There is always a past student who also stays in the residence to provide inside information on how to make most of your stay, as well as tips on how to learn as fast as possible
  • All spark staff are recruited first and foremost due to caring and enthusiastic personalities, making Spark a welcoming and fun place to be

Have a question about Spark or our staff?

Social event coordinators/Spanish teachers who stay in residence

If you stay at our Sparkville Residence, you will always be living alongside one of our social events coordinators whose job it is to organise and direct the cultural activities every week and encourage you to speak as much Spanish as possible. Their presence ensures that there´s always someone at hand to help you with any problems or enquiries.


Rafa your amazing cultural events coordinators and teacher.

Spanish teachers

Our teachers are all native Spaniards who have spoken the language since birth and know it inside out. As well as this inherent knowledge, they are fully qualified in teaching Spanish and all have experience in teaching as a foreign language. We select our teachers not only on their qualifications and experience, but for their desire to run dynamic and innovative classes. You can therefore be assured that you are learning the language from those who know it from the very best.

Native Spanish Teachers

Marina the Spanish teacher!

Other Staff

From cleaners to reception staff, everyone at Spark is a confident Spanish speaker dedicated to getting you to speak loads. Whether you only spend the mornings at Spark for your daily lessons, or eat meals and hang out with other students as a guest in our Residence, you´ll always be surrounded by Spanish speakers, giving you a brilliant immersion experience.

All Staff

Iris the cleaner!


Spark Team

Our Team at Spark!

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