Sparkville Residence

Your Spanish Home/Onsite Spark staff members to push Spanish/self-catering/marvelous roof top/unique sharing experience.

Our fabulous Sparkville Residence has 15 rooms (for 1-4 people), nearly all of them ensuite, and a communal kitchen and dining area which act as a great social gathering point that adds to the unique Sparkville atmosphere. There are also numerous chill out/social areas, such as the Plaza de las Américas (a little ‘outdoor’ space, with a TV and glass roof to protect you from rain or sun), a games room and a large roof terrace which is ideal for barbecues,  sunbathing and evening drinks, facilitating interaction with other students and staff.


Key Aspects

  • Residence is right above the classrooms, perfect for getting to class 🙂
  • Spark staff member in residence to run activities and push Spanish.
  • Great bonding experience with other students.
  • Marvelous roof top terrace for chilling and sunbathing.
  • Full equipped self catering facilities.
  • TV and Games Room.
  • 10 mins from centre and beach, 1 from supermarket and nearest cafés.

Our residential area is on the second floor of the Spark Spanish Academy Complex  and this is the perfect accommodation option if you want to further enhance your Spanish skills, socialise with the other course members and retain your own independence. You can also see verified reviews about Sparkville at TripAdvisor.

The residence has at least one social events coordinator who lives in the same facilities and who can help you with any problems you may have.  The social events coordinator also runs many of the cultural events, such as mini excursions, tapas nights and salsa nights.  They are also responsible for encouraging you to speak as much Spanish in the residence as possible, to stimulate your oral practice of the language.

The residence is located just outside the centre of El Puerto de Santa Maria and is close to various amenities such as shops, banks, the beach and the bullring, not to mention the historic centre of El Puerto.

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